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Dealers:  This page is for you!  These are all of our marketing materials, less our contact information.  They are all downloadable and printable.  Please feel free to email, print, mail, hand out at trade shows, etc. to your customers.  Some of our dealers like to add stickers in the unprinted area for mailed copies or tradeshow handouts.  We're all about helping you in any way we can.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!  1-408-412-8085

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Master Brochure

Dealer Master Brochure

Master Brochure

Product Info:

packaging solutions

Packaging Solutions

Part Number Descriptions

Part Number Descriptions

Wall Adapters

Rechargeable System
Wall Adapters

Spec Sheet

Specification Sheet

Tech Note--Charger Hard-Wired

Tech Note: Hard-Wiring
6-pack Vehicle Chargers

Tech Note--Non-Rechargeable vs. Rechargeable

Tech Note:
vs. Rechargeable

Tech Note--Multiple Chargers
Tech Note: Powering
Multiple Chargers with
a Single Power Input



User Manual

IR Guide
PowerFlare Infrared Manual


Aviation Applications

Aviation Applications

Bucket of Beacons

Bucket of Beacons

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

Diving Uses Flyer

Diving Uses

Disaster Response Kit Flyer

Disaster Response Kit

DOMOPS Kit Flyer

(Domestic Operations)Kit

General Uses Flyer

General Uses

A Green Solution Flyer

A Green Solution

Landing Zone Kit Flyer

LZ (Landing Zone) Kit

Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount Options


MultiPack 24

PowerPack 24

PowerPack 24

PowerPack 60

PowerPack 60

Road Closure

Road Closure
Tactical Uses

Tactical Uses

Traffic Cone Adapter

Traffic Cone Adapter

Triage Kit

Triage Marker Light Kit

Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Product Brochure

UltraPack 24

UltraPack 24