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Non-Rechargeable Kits & Accessories

Single Units
Single PowerFlare safety lights, packaged in a recycled cardboard retail box.
Soft Packs (1 - 24 units)
Our best selling kits in rugged custom carrying bags.
Buckets (24 & 36 units)
Larger kits in an easy-to-carry, waterproof bucket with an easy-twist-on/off lid.
Hard Cases (24 & 60 units)
Larger kits in a convenient, rugged, waterproof hard-case.
Triage Kits (4 & 8 units)
Color-coded lights to aid in emergency triage situations.
Temporary Landing Zone Kits
An easily-configurable 3-8 light temporary Landing Zone kit for all of your emergency needs.
Replacement batteries for your non-rechargeable PowerFlare lights
Carry Bags
Custom Carrying bags to meet all of your PowerFlare light needs.
PowerFlare-branded accessories