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Testimonials and Pictures submitted from PowerFlare users:


The Louisiana National Guard deployed PowerFlare Safety Beacons during flooding in March and August 2016, helping to mark closed roads and divert traffic.

This is a very raw cell phone photo, but these are PowerFlares being used in a Point of Distribution (POD) during this flood. 

PF in LA during flood

They performed very well - we used them to mark traffic lanes for citizens to drive through.  If you look closely, you can just see a Soldier with water on his shoulder to distribute to the pickup truck at the top center of the photo.

-Louisiana Army National Guard, September 2016

During the recent searches for a missing girl, I found myself in a very remote area and needing to mark a specific trail for law enforcement  to follow me to the location of a finding.  Digging in my saddlebag I located an old PF 200 that I had been given over 7 or 8 years ago at a trade show.  Still in the box, I wondered if it would work or if it was dead.   Imagine my surprise when I turned it on and it worked and even more of a surprise that it worked for the 2 hours that it took for law enforcement to catch up with me. 

I had carried it in my cruiser before I retired and moved to my present area and had forgotten that I had it in my standby saddlebag.

What a great product and a lifesaver for sure.   Although my finding did not immediately result in the child being located, it did help with a new area to look in. 

Howard J. Fergus

retired Deputy Sheriff

Prince Georges Co, MD

now living in the rural SW Virginia/TN area 

Everything went perfectly this week at our contest.  The PowerFlares were beautiful, functional and visible, and created a great look and feel to our mock airfields.  Our President was also very impressed, and inquired about the functionality.  I love your products, and will definitely recommend them to everyone.

Thank you again!

Scott Sommer
Manager, Aerospace Systems
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Photo Courtesy of Survival Systems Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Survival Systems Inc.

I believe we have a pretty good testimonial for the demo unit you sent to us.  Last Friday night while directing traffic after one of our local football games, the Power Flare was ran over by a semi load of hogs on their way to slaughter.  The light stopped flashing and we thought it was toast until one of the reserves picked it up.  He started pushing the flash pattern button and the light came back to life.  The flash pattern must have just been changed from being ran over to the constant on.  That sold us.  We also noticed that where the Flare was set was where the oncoming traffic stopped.  Worked well for us.

Ryan Browning
Carroll County Sheriffs Office

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how the explosive test went. I loaded two PVC pipe bombs with close to a toal of 3/4 lbs of commercial grade C-4. The pipe bombs were placed in a travel suitcase with a pair of boots, a pair of Levi jeans and a blanket. The PowerFlare was secured to the top of the suitcase with a ziptie and turned on, like a marker. The device was initiated - the suitcase, bomb, and clothes were completely destroyed, but the PowerFlare was located 50 or so feet from the seat of the blast intact and still flashing. The case sustained slight discoloration from the explosion and the loop where the ziptie was used to secure the suitcase was torn. The whole thing was video taped (from two different angles) and the tape will be ready by the middle of next week. I'll send you the DVD and the flare as soon as possible. 

We were REALLY impressed!
Sgt. Rob von Loewenfeldt

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police

We put the PowerFlare through its paces during the five weeks we had it. Your company's claim that you could drive a fire truck over it challenged the night shift to "test" it. They took it out to our local truck stop and had a procession of semi's drive over it. In fact it had not even made it to the truck stop when everyone felt compelled to drive their squads over it. It has sat on for many hours on my desk while I tried to see if the batteries would wear down quickly. It was used for our night shoots at the range to mark the "no drive zone." Of course when leaving some felt compelled to do burnouts on top of it, on a gravel road. We have had problems with our flares on crash scenes going out in heavy rains, go figure, when it positively has to work they didn't. So I submerged the PowerFlare in a bucket of water overnight. I took it apart using the supplied Allen wrench and it was bone dry inside. The night shift tested it in a variety of night time lighting conditions, of course while being driven over. And leave it to the night guys to find an unintended use for it. Night time hockey puck, well they actually kicked it around due to the lack of sticks. After all this I simply washed the PowerFlare off in the sink and it looked as good as new..well almost...the sticker fell off sometime during testing. We are happy to say that the PowerFlare not only met, but exceeded our expectations. It put out almost as much light as a flare, but does not go out in the rain and doesn't put holes in your pants and raincoat. It took a wicked beating and worked without a hiccup on all settings. Please see our first order for a set of four. More orders will follow as we will be outfitting all our squads with a set. 

Thanks for a great product, 
Sgt. Steve Weiss

We have experienced many landings now with PowerFlare Beacons as the LZ and have found them to be superior to anything else we've seen or used. Recently, during a landing in Morgan Hill, the pilot reported seeing the beacons flashing from over 5 miles out. They give a dependable, accurate target that is needed when responding to emergency situations.
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Joseph F. Cook
President, CALSTAR

We have been looking for a signaling device that would enable us to move away from our costly, dangerous and harmful flares. Your product passed our test & evaluation procedures with flying colors. We wanted to see if your PowerFlares would really stand up to abuse. We ran over one of your devices multiple times with a fully equipped Ford Crown Vic. Your light kept on signaling. We dropped and threw your devices on the ground from various heights. It kept on signaling. We used this device in pools of diesel fuel, it kept on signaling. We immersed it in water, and ran it over at the same time, it kept on signaling. In my opinion, the only practical way to destroy one of your devices, would be to repeatedly pummel it with a hammer, or to shoot it. In our experience, this signaling device is "Cop-proof." These devices are extremely effective in low light situations. We have had civilians, and allied agency officers stop at emergency scenes when your PowerFlare device is in use and ask, "What are those. I saw them from way back there!" We are now testing your PowerFlare Tactical (Infrared IR) Beacons. It appears these tactical devices will be very useful during our firearms training, when we are using our rifle mounted night vision equipment. We also believe your tactical beacons will be effective in illuminating areas that we wish to clear, using night vision. Thank you for producing and distributing a product that meets and exceeds our needs. I believe your product will enable military and law enforcement teams to procure the right equipment to complete the mission.

Sgt. Steve "Sparky" Merchant
Ripon Police Department

Here is a photo of the Rocklin police car destroyed in November 2004 by the unplanned ignition of a highway fusee (flare) in the trunk. Thankfully, the officer and his K-9 partner were not hurt. We have removed all the flares from our first responder police vehicles and are replacing them with your product.

Burned Rocklin K9 car

Dan Ruden, Captain
Rocklin Police Department

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